All of my life my mother has told me that milk is essential in order for me to have strong and healthy bones.  Through this notion, the dairy industry has not only milked my mother, but milked many mothers alike into believing cow’s milk is not just good for us– but vital to us. And this is done quite easily.

When we see advertisements of milk, not only the positive feelings and experiences of our mothers’ breast milk are easily associated with milk of any variety but positive reinforcement from parental figures promotes repeated behaviour and therefore further consumption. Although milk is the perfect food for babies, it is not ideal past infancy. Once infants are weaned off their own mother’s milk, there is no rationale for drinking the milk of another species.

The milk of each species is specifically designed to protect the young of that species. Cross-feeding between species is not only disgusting but is linked as the cause to many health-related issues. When milk is heated, sterilized, or modified the protective barriers in milk are destroyed. Yes cow’s milk does contain protein, which is essential to the human body but it is the wrong type of protein. There is a major difference in the protein in cow’s milk and human milk as there is a tremendous difference between the nourishment requirements of human babies and baby calves. Essentially, the cow’s milk that you are drinking has been made to nourish a calf not a human. The huge amount of protein in cow’s milk (three times as much) makes it difficult for humans to digest. This is why so many humans are lactose intolerant.

The dairy industry doesn’t want to nourish you – it wants you to nourish them.

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